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3 Steeps a Week Subscription

3 Steeps a Week Subscription

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Experience 3 teas each week with our 3 Steeps a Week Subscription! Get a curated selection of 3 teas, with fun themes each time, allowing you to try something fresh and explore the world of tea in the process. 

Each Wednesday we craft our letter, print, fold, stuff, and mail them out to you! This means that if you've signed up on a Friday, your first letter won't be mailed out until the following Wednesday! So if you'd like to order a letter and have it shipped out in the same week, be sure to do it before 11:59pm CST on TUESDAY! 

Subscribe to our weekly club, and, for a limited time, get your first three weeks free! After three weeks, pay only $4.99 per week.

Or, you can prepay with our 3 options. 

12 Week Subscription - Get 3 Free Weeks!

26 Week Subscription - Get 4 Free Weeks!

52 Week Subscription - Get 4 Free Weeks AND one of our beautiful Handmade Pottery Mugs!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Jessica Collins
Briar patch brew

I loved all the flavors in the set , but the Briar patch brew was definitely my favorite. Piper and leaf have the best teas, I love how natural it is and they all taste amazing.

Michelle Jones
Absolutely Love!

I love being able to sample the various teas before buying a large amount. I have found that I'm not really a fan of the minty teas but love the black and green ones. I am especially fond of the new Blueberry! Thanks for the new subscription!

Laura Walpole
3 steeps a week

Your mailing of the 3 steeps a week is beautifully packaged with a nice letter telling of the teas . I was a little dissapointed in the last shipment because all the teas were the same , I was expecting 3 different blends . I do enjoy getting to try different ones and them coming straight to my mailbox .

Lisa Loring
Never received but still love piper and leaf.

I signed up for the three sips a week subscription, and upon signing up I was to get the first three shipments for free. I received a notification that charge of zero dollars would be occurring, seven days later, received the same notification, seven days later received notification that I would receive a charge of $4.99. During this time, I have yet to receive a single shipment of my three sips a week. Once I received the notification of a charge I cancelled my subscription. I do want to add that I know this is an oversight because Piper and Leaf is a great company (with amazing tea). My guess it has more to do with the Postal Service than Piper and Leaf. I will continue to buy Piper and Leaf tea from all of their brick and mortar stores.

Fun subscription service

This is a fun little subscription. Comes with descriptions of the teas and how best to enjoy. Says that the shipping is free, but I owed USPS money to receive my package.

best sampling idea

what a quick and easy way to try many teas--love it