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3 Steeps a Week Subscription

3 Steeps a Week Subscription

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Experience 3 teas each week with our 3 Steeps a Week Subscription! Get a curated selection of 3 teas, with fun themes each time, allowing you to try something fresh and explore the world of tea in the process. 

Each Wednesday we craft our letter, print, fold, and stuff you 3 Steeps of the week. Thursday we send them off via snail-mail to you!

Because we send out our 3 Steeps once a week for all our members, depending on when you order, you might experience a delay. Example: if you've signed up on a Friday, your first letter won't be prepared and mailed out until the following Wednesday and Thursday! 
So if you'd like to order a letter and have it shipped out in the same week, be sure to do it before 11:59pm CST on TUESDAY! 

Subscribe to our weekly club, and, for a limited time, get your first three weeks free! After three weeks, pay only $4.99 per week.

Or, you can prepay with our 3 options. 

12 Week Subscription - Get 3 Free Weeks!

26 Week Subscription - Get 4 Free Weeks!

52 Week Subscription - Get 4 Free Weeks AND one of our beautiful Handmade Pottery Mugs!

*3 Free Weeks means 3 Free Letters per household. If you cancel and resubscribe you will not receive 3 more weeks free. This is a single time deal. If you add multiple subscriptions to your cart, you will still receive 3 free letters total, and after the initial free period is over, you will begin receiving the number of letters you subscribed to.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews

Some flavors were very nice.
Super fast shipping. Just not enough teas to subscribe to.

Charissa Mikoski
Love it!

I just signed up for this and I am loving it! 3 is the perfect number for me and the variety is great! Also, I love that they are individually wrapped so I can easily take them to work with me.

Julie O.
Excellent variety of flavors each week

I've been subscribed to 3 Steeps for a few months now, and I've been very happy with the rotation of flavors each week. I've gotten to try several different flavors that I otherwise would not have purchased. I've also really enjoyed the themes for each week and the inclusion of limited edition/seasonal flavors.

Cindi S.
The best way to sample new flavors!

As a long time fan of P&L tea I have my favorites; Monk's Mediation, Sunrise Chai and Blueberry Jubilee; to name a few.
With the 3 Steeps a Week subscription I have come to like some that I thought I wouldn't enjoy as much. I look forward to getting the letter every week to see what the theme and teas are. The Pie theme for the week of March 14 was inspired and gave me three of my favorite teas!
I give four stars since initially it was difficult to figure out how to get the subscription started, but now the letters arrive weekly baring any delays from the USPS.

Austin Mercado
Loved this!!

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the 3 steeps a week subscription. It was fun opening our envelopes each time and seeing the new flavors. It’s also a great way to try new blends you haven’t had before.


I love this company & their teas are quality as well as tasty!