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Piper & Leaf Tea Co.

Chocola-Tea 9ct Tea Bags in Muslin

Chocola-Tea 9ct Tea Bags in Muslin

  • Black Tea Blend
  • 3.5 minutes in 212° water
  • Extra Caffeinated
  • 9 Servings
  • Gluten Free
  • Plant Based Pyramid Tea Bags

Silky, Deep, and Full-Bodied

Luxurious figs festoon a dark chocolate cascade

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Luxurious figs festoon a dark chocolate cascade.

Packaged in our hand-printed muslin bags, you’ll find 9 pyramid sachets of tea ready to brew and waiting for you.

Ingredients: Ceylon Black Tea, Cacao Nibs, Figs, Cracked Coffee Beans, Chocolate Chips (dairy free), and Organic Natural Flavor

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  • Imagine this Blend:

    Deeply silky but not unctuous with an indulgent but mercifully attenuated finish that forestalls the usual chocolate-induced self-loathing. Dried local figs get this soiree of noir started in style. Sure, dairy-free dark chocolate chips are the star, but the subtlety of texture and lightness, achieved without sacrificing realness, is brought about by the earthy cacao nibs and locally dark-roasted coffee bean. This deliciously drinkable chocolate remains firmly ensconced within the loamy, luscious terroir of the subcontinent. Unrequited cocoa amore this is not.

  • Steeping Information

    Bring 10-12 oz of water to 212.

    Steep for 3.5 minutes

  • Ceylon Black Tea, Cacao Nibs, Figs, Cracked Coffee Beans, Chocolate Chips (dairy free), and Organic Natural Flavor

    These are the Ingredients. Straight from the Farm, Forest, & Briar Patch.

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A close up shot of our Non-GMO, Plant Based Tea Bags

No Microplastics

Tea Bags Made From Plants

We package our whole leaf teas into beautiful pyramid sachets made from non-GMO Sugar Cane plants. When you are done steeping, you can compost the entire thing. No microplastics!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Piper and leaf tea company has the best tea I’ve ever had in my entire life!


Love love love these teas

Susan Kohlman
chocolate tea-wow

I tried chocolate tea after a tour. Why not? Try something new. It was fabulous. You first taste just tea and then chocolate when it hits the back of your tongue! It was an awesome experience!

Wendy Christopher
Best tea ever!!

Chocola Tea has become my very, most, favorite tea!
No other tea company comes close with any of their teas!
If you haven’t tried this one yet, you are in for a treat!

Chocola tea

I'm now a fan. Tried it hot. Tried it iced. Oh my. What have I been missing?? It pays to be brave. Thank you for the opportunity.

Stella Fowlkes

This tea is soooo good!

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“This is one of my two favorite P&L teas and one of my favorite teas period. The chocolate and fig are by no means overwhelming, but they add complexity to the overall flavor. I usually drink it black, but adding a bit of cream enhances the chocolate and evokes a really great cup of cocoa.”
– Matt

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