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Two glass jars of loose leaf (Chocola-Tea)
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Chocola-Tea Glass Jar of Loose Leaf Tea - 30 Servings

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Luxurious figs festoon a dark chocolate cascade.

“This is one of my two favorite P&L teas and one of my favorite teas period. The chocolate and fig are by no means overwhelming, but they add complexity to the overall flavor. I usually drink it black, but adding a bit of cream enhances the chocolate and evokes a really great cup of cocoa.”
– Matt

Ingredients: Nilgiri Black Tea, Cacao Nibs, Figs, Cracked Coffee, Cocoa Chips (dairy free), Organic Flavor
Brew at 212 degrees for 3 minutes

This lovely glass jar holds 70 grams - enough loose leaf to make over 30 servings of delicious tea.

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