Collection: Golden Hour Tonic

A spiced evening glow of ginger, turmeric, & grapefruit

There’s a moment: a fleeting, agonizingly short but sweet, transitory moment. It sends the sun on its daily course. It also returns to punctuate the daily doldrums. The warm ginger coaxes the tongue awake, the grapefruit pulsates life into your senses, and gentle turmeric wraps around like a comforting pneumatic gust. This instant - a vision encapsulated, accentuated - this is the Golden Hour Tonic.

  • What others think:

    “Perfect tea for cold/flu relief and beyond. I thought it would be too spicy but the flavors are so well balanced it’s actually pretty mellow but with a warm glow as the name suggests. I’m hooked.”
    – David

  • Details:

    • Herbal Infusion
    • Caffeine Free
    • Steep for 10 minutes in 212° water