Hario Largo Glass Tea Infuser Dripper for Loose Leaf Brewing

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This is THE best way to make a jar or pot of tea. A beautiful and simple way to brew your tea. Fits perfectly on our drinking jars, or sits atop most teapots with ease. It will transform your brewing ritual. This dripper can be used to brew as little as a cup of tea or as much as a quart of Concentrated Tea (just like we use!)

Learn the Piper Process – the method of brewing we use for every Piper & Leaf shop, market, and special event! Grab a tea dripper (or a whole Piper Brew Kit) and head over to Brewing 101 to learn the Piper Process!

This ‘Survival Kit’ comes with the best accessories to make the most out of your Tea Dripper! A mini 2oz measuring cup, two replacement steel balls, a solid mason jar lid, and a pour spout lid. Great for storing & using Concentrated Tea at home in your mason jar!

Add on a handy physical brew guide that will walk you through our “Piper Process” – the brewing method we use in all our shops. You will learn to make Concentrated Tea, Simple Syrup, and a bunch of recipes! Plus ideas to help you have more creativiTEA with your drinks.

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