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Sweet-Tea Cupcakes

Cupcakes Infused with Tea! Baking with concentrated tea is the best way to get a delicious and unique dessert using your favorite tea blend. Tea cupcakes are the perfect combination of sweet baked good infused with rich, complex tea flavor! We suggest making these fluffy cupcakes for your sweetie pie chai as a Valentine’s day treat using our seasonal Velvet Bliss. But this tea-infused cupcake recipe is also amazing for treats any time of the year! Plus you can use concentrated tea from any blend you’d like in both the batter and the icing; you’ll have a different dessert every time. One Piper Family friend swears this recipe is best with Lemon Berry Blush cupcakes and Strawberry Shindig icing. Yum!...

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Valentine's Tea Recipes

ValenTEA Drinks We have two amazing Valentine's tea recipes to share with you! Whether you're having a whole-family Tea Party for Valentine's Day or a more intimate Tea for Two, you can use these drinks to make it special for your loved ones. Both beverages feature our seasonal Velvet Bliss, which is full of the sweet taste of chocolate-dipped strawberries combined with the richness of black tea and a little bit of spice. Sip on a Valentine's flavor like never before! Velvet Bliss Recipes For these awesome drink recipes, you'll need to get some of our incredible Velvet Bliss tea and brew it into Concentrated Tea using the famous Piper Process. If you've already got one of our brew kits...

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