Collection: Healing Honeysuckle

An echinacea tonic meets a fragrant jasmine breeze

This delicious tonic fuses echinacea with jasmine & chamomile into a floral ray of light. Brightened with the citrus notes of orange rind and lemongrass and emboldened with rooibos, holy basil, and ginger. A perennial favorite that happens to provide a superb boost to the immune system.

  • What others think:

    “Super excited I decided to try this! It’s like my best memory of every typical herb tea (chamomile, mint, orange, echinacea) with the edge taken off each of those by harmonious blending into something that tastes familiar and comforting, but evolved a step further in a wonderfully mellow way. Not too flowery or overpowered by any single flavor. Well done!”
    – David

    "I'm a flavored tea enthusiast and this is my new favorite. It has many different flavors and is very complex. I love it over ice!" Theresa W

  • Details:

    • Herbal Infusion
    • Caffeine Free
    • Steep for 7 minutes in 212° water