Collection: Old Fashioned Birthday Cake

Eloquent Earl Grey frosted with lavender & vanilla

Robust, imperious, and citrusy Earl Grey, Ceylon-sourced black tea leaves, bergamot, and cornflowers provide the pomp, while creamy vanilla and lavender turn it into an enchanting circumstance. Birthday Cake never simultaneously tasted so sumptuous, yet so sensible.

  • What others think:

    “This blend is so decadent. It’s quite a smooth flavor and somehow sweet (pure magic how you managed that!). The touch of lavender with the bergamot is divine. My preference for black tea is to be served hot, but this one is a treat cold as well. No need for any sweeteners.”
    – Bethany

  • Details:

    • Black Tea Blend
    • Caffeinated
    • Steep for 3.5 minutes in 212° water