a true southern classic

Front Porch Special Tea

BLACK TEA | CAFFEINATED: Exactly what it sounds like. All the crisp nostalgia of a hot-weather, portico-framed sunset, accompanied by a cicada symphony. Local jasmine and spearmint collaborate with bergamot-infused Assam and Ceylon black tea leaves to pull off this sublime take on Americana.

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  • My Favorite

    This is my go to morning pick up. Love the way it helps me start my day! Flavors are perfectly blended. The perfect tea. -Carol

  • Five Stars

    This tea is so great. When you take your first sip, you'll be taken back to the good ol' days of hanging out on the front porch. - Hope

  • My Go-To Tea

    This is my go to tea! From my first taste almost two years ago, I was hooked. The blend is perfect, right for any time, any season, and any reason. - Julie

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Sweetie Pie Chai

Sweetie Pie Chai is a lightly spiced, drinkable hug that warms the soul. It invokes the tradition and love of being surrounded at family gatherings… as well as an invitation to indulge in warm, cozy corners with a good book. The lively party of flavor that starts things off is by followed by the quiet, strong warmth that only comes with hearts aglow. Filled with joy, you are ready to repaint these memories time and again as you take each sip of Sweetie Pie Chai.

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  • The Best

    Little did I know that I would be buying one of the best teas!...Now a regular customer of Piper and Leaf! - Michael

  • Five Stars

    Wondrous! All the warming spices of a traditional chai tea without the caffeine. Who was the genius that came up with using sweet potatoes??... -Bethany

  • To Die For

    My favorite, every morning I have a cup, and sometimes even at night. The cinnamon chai aroma is to die for. This tea makes me feel so delightful and my taste buds sing. - Evelyn

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Healing Honeysuckle

HERBAL INFUSION | CAFFEINE FREE: This delicious tonic fuses echinacea with jasmine & chamomile into a floral ray of light. Brightened with the citrus notes of orange rind and lemongrass and emboldened with rooibos, holy basil, and ginger. A perennial favorite that happens to provide a superb boost to the immune system.

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  • Is A Delight!

    This is a delightful tea to drink. I loved the honeysuckle flavor, it wasn’t too overbearing, and is soothing to drink. Highly recommend! - Jami

  • Makes Me Smile!

    Just when I think I have picked my favorite P&L tea, I try another one that I love... What I love most about this one is that I don't have to watch what time of day it is because it does not have caffeine.... it makes me smile and think about how much I love honeysuckle. I think this one jumped to my favorite! - Kelly

  • Can't Go Without It!

    Healing honeysuckle is literally the best hot tea I've ever had. The blend of flavors is the epitome of soothing relaxation. I almost don't want to describe how good it is because then the world will know! - Amanda

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