Collection: Chocola-Tea

Luxurious figs festoon a dark chocolate cascade

Deeply silky but not unctuous with an indulgent but mercifully attenuated finish that forestalls the usual chocolate-induced self-loathing. Dried local figs get this soiree of noir started in style. Sure, dairy-free dark chocolate chips are the star, but the subtlety of texture and lightness, achieved without sacrificing realness, is brought about by the earthy cacao nibs and locally dark-roasted coffee bean. This deliciously drinkable chocolate remains firmly ensconced within the loamy, luscious terroir of the subcontinent. Unrequited cocoa amore this is not.

  • What others think:

    “This is one of my two favorite P&L teas and one of my favorite teas period. The chocolate and fig are by no means overwhelming, but they add complexity to the overall flavor. I usually drink it black, but adding a bit of cream enhances the chocolate and evokes a really great cup of cocoa.”
    – Matt

  • Details:

    • Black Tea Blend
    • Extra Caffeinated
    • Steep for 3.5 minutes in 212° water